xDanceSky-  A New Holographic Nail Polish Brand in India

xDanceSky- A New Holographic Nail Polish Brand in India


The newest brand I Love My Polish is bringing to you xDance Sky! And we couldn’t be any prouder! From having a variety of Nail Polish colors to its name to mixing and matching nail polish finishes, xDance Sky does it all. In this blog, I will be briefing you on what makes xDance Sky so unique and why this should be an immediate addition to your Wishlist.

xDance Sky is a Russian brand that prides itself on its unbelievably wide range of nail polishes that come in several Nail Polish finishes (sometimes even hybrid finishes!). Be it Holographic, Chameleon, or Flakies, they have it all and their polishes will never fail to leave you in awe. The quality is unmatched and everything you see from them, I bet you haven’t seen before.

Two of the most renowned collections in this brand are ‘The Stereoscopic’ and ‘I’m an Illusion’ collections. They are sold in bottles of 7 ml in quantity.  Grab them today exclusively, over here on I Love My Polish.

The Stereoscopic and I'm an Illusion collections of nail polishes are the result of the work of creating complex, deep, multifaceted colors that create the illusion of volume on the nails. Loaded with bright aurora flakies pigment, these nail polishes are constellations on your fingers.

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A special feature of the collection is the mixing of effects and finishes such as Holographic and Chameleon finishes, where the color and texture of the varnish are sometimes difficult to determine unambiguously - complex, multifaceted, deep colors with an elusive character are born, sensitively reacting to any change in lighting. They have such a wide range of shades that even a small difference in pigment or color is a new shade in itself.

Here are our top 4 purple picks from xDance Sky so you’ll get what I’m talking about:

The combined collection of Stereoscopic & Illusion consists of several independent parts:

Holographic effect   - linear and scattered holographic (36 shades); The holographic pigment is exceptional. Usually, you need a flashlight to see the pigment but in xDance Sky nail polishes, it is evident and visible on its own

Chameleon effect   - multi-chromes, including those with fine scattered holographic dust and eye-catching and prominent color shifts(36 shades);
Aurora borealis effect- polishes with duo chrome pearl flakes in the composition
(24 shades);
I'm an Illusion - nail polishes with mixed effects, including duo-chrome mica in the composition (24 shades).


These are quick-dry nail polishes that lay on exceptionally well and even though one coat is enough for an amazing, fulfilling freshly manicured look, a second coat will seal up your nail art to satisfaction! They have a long, flat brush for better coverage to make your nails look flawless.

xDance Sky Nail Polishes are also an amazing and more affordable alternative for ILNP nail polishes if you’re on the search for high-quality holographic nail polishes on a budget.

Once you take a look at these shades, you will understand the craze surrounding them. Although it’s hard to pick a favorite, here are some shades from xDance Sky we recommend you try out:




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