Zoya Nail Polishes in India with Spring 2023 Collection

Zoya Nail Polishes in India with Spring 2023 Collection

Zoya is a renowned brand in the nail polish industry, known for its exceptional quality and extensive range of captivating colors. Their latest collection, the 'Daydreaming' Spring 2023 Collection, breaks away from the traditional spring color palette, offering six shades with sheer jelly bases and stunning multicolor speckled shimmer. In this blog post, we'll dive into Gingerly Polished's review and swatches of each shade, giving you an inside look at this unique collection. Plus, exciting news for nail polish lovers in India - Zoya Nail Polishes are now available for purchase on ilovemypolish.com!


Swatches and Review:

The 'Daydreaming' Spring 2023 Collection by Zoya features six mesmerizing shades that are sure to capture your imagination. Each polish has a sheer jelly base, creating a squishy and translucent effect, while the multicolor speckled shimmer adds a touch of magic to your manicure.

Let's explore each shade in detail:

  1. Kira:

Kira is a deep cobalt blue jelly base with shifty microshimmer. The aqua blue and pink shimmers beautifully contrast against the dark base, creating a captivating look. It builds up nicely with two to three thin coats.

  1. Marie:

Marie offers a medium warm-toned purple jelly base, adorned with multicolored shimmer that includes flecks of gold and red. With two to three coats, Marie achieves depth and intensity on the nails.

  1. Terra:

Terra presents a pink-toned purple base that leans between pink and purple. The multicolored shimmer, particularly the golden flecks, adds warmth to the shade. Like the others, Terra achieves full opacity with two to three coats.

  1. Tink:

Tink is a deeper ruby red jelly base filled with glitters that shimmer like precious jewels. Its rich color and sparkling effect make it a true standout shade. Adding a third coat enhances its richness.

  1. Sipsey:

Sipsey showcases a deeper brick red, almost coppery base with scattered shimmers. The contrasting gold flecks create a captivating look, making it a perfect choice for fall. It achieves full coverage with two coats, but adding a third intensifies the color.

Yardley is a lighter and more coppery warm version of Sipsey. The shimmer in Yardley is subtle, running throughout the base and resembling a traditional metallic finish. Similar to the other shades, Yardley requires three thin coats for optimal coverage.


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For all nail polish enthusiasts in India, we have fantastic news. You can now purchase Zoya Nail Polishes, including the captivating shades from the 'Daydreaming' Spring 2023 Collection, on ilovemypolish.com. With their wide selection and convenient online shopping experience, ilovemypolish.com offers the opportunity to explore Zoya's exceptional products and indulge in their renowned quality.


The Zoya 'Daydreaming' Spring 2023 Collection breaks away from traditional spring colors, offering a unique and enchanting range of shades. The sheer jelly formulas build up beautifully, allowing the mesmerizing multicolor speckled shimmer to shine through. Don't be afraid to express your personal style and wear these shades all year round. Visit ilovemypolish.com today to add these stunning Zoya Nail Polishes to your collection and create magical manicures.


These reviews are courtesy of  Gingerly Polished, Please check her detailed work out at- https://gingerlypolished.com/2023/04/02/zoya-daydreaming-spring-2023-collection-swatches-review/

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