Cancellation and Refunds

1. Any cancellations to the order shall be made within 24 hours of placing the order to claim refund of the paid amount. No refund shall be made once the order has been put in transit I.e. after the said order has been transferred into the possession of our delivery partner.

2. Cancellation of order shall be made via electronic mail (email) with The Subject: “Cancellation Request” and sent to

Mail shall contain the following details:-

a. Order ID: (the identification number of the order)

b. Cancellation Reason: (the reason for such cancellation will be reviewed by the I Love My Polish customer support team and only then the refund procedure shall be initiated)

c. Refund Account Details: (details of the account shall contain the IFSC code, Branch Name of the Bank and Account Number)

3. Cancellation shall be initiated after formal order cancellation request is received at and the same has been reviewed and approved by the I Love My Polish customer support team.

4. Refund shall be made under following conditions:

a) Order was cancelled before it was put into transit;

b) Order was not delivered to the recipient, this does not include the cases:

1. Where the customer has failed to receive the order at the registered address after more than two attempted deliveries.

2. Where the customer has refused to receive the order without proper reason (reason so given shall be reviewed by the I Love My Polish customer support team.)

3. Where the recipient has provided wrong address and has failed to correct the same at the I Love My Polish website.

c). Article arriving broken/ not in usable condition. (In such case the customer is requested to attach the photo of the damaged goods in the email, upon the review of which the refund shall be initiated.)

5. A refund can only be requested in case of service failure, our I Love My Polish customer support team  will evaluate if an order qualifies for a refund and the decision of our management will be final. The refund amount in no circumstances can exceed the amount paid by customer, we are not liable for any loss or claim beyond the amount actually paid by customer.

6. Please Note, that in case a parcel arrives tampered, you are bound to out rightly reject it. I Love My Polish would not be liable for any refund in case, such a parcel is accepted. You are advised to click a picture of the same, and forward it to us at for further assistance.

7. If the defect is not visible to the naked eye, and such damage is detected inside the parcel, you are requested to click a picture and attach the same in the email for such cancellation request. Upon review by the I Love My Polish customer support team, a suitable refund for that particular damaged product shall be issued. 

8. The uploading of the necessary photographs pertaining to the order shall be done via the same email which raises the dispute/ query

Refund issued shall only be for individual products damaged and not the entire order.

9. Any discounted or exempted amount at the time of the billing shall not be entertained as a claim for refund.

10. Any extra amount credited by the customer to their I Love My Polish account may be considered for order further purchase or up-gradation or any other purpose, so possible within the website with I love My Polish enhancement but shall not be refunded under any circumstances, but such credited amount shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

11. In all matters concerning cancellation and refund I Love My Polish shall have the final say and issues so arising can be taken up with the I Love My Polish customer support team, whose decision shall be final.

12. I Love My Polish may amend its Cancellation and Refund Policy from time to time. Such substantial changes if any are made with regards to the way which we use your personal information, the customers shall be duly notified by email or through an announcement notice on the I Love My Polish website or through appropriate methods.

13. If you have any questions/comments about our Cancellation and Refund Policy, please email us at