Is Base Coat Mandatory?

Is Base Coat Mandatory?

Applying a base coat is a significant step you can't miss while preparing for an at-home nail treatment. Whether it's standard or gel nails, preparing your nails with a layer of nail clean base coat can do wonders!

With numerous types and uses to base coats, it always best to know about them in detail.


What is a Nail Base Coat?

A base coat is typically a clear nail polish formulated specifically to support a sleek application of nail polish during manicure or pedicure. It is meant to protect your nails from thee pigmented polishes being applied over later from percolation.


Is using a base coat mandatory

The response is YES. Applying a base coat toward the beginning of your nail treatment process is suggested considering the numerous advantages it has.

First and foremost, base coats assist with making an additional layer of protectionwhich can shield your nails from hued nail clean stains.

Base coats also serve as a solid foundation for your nail polish as it resists your manicures from breakage and chipping, so you can get that long-lasting polished nails.

Moreover, base coats also even out the nail, incase you have dents in them, giving the polish a smooth and even surface to work with.


Wide range of Base Coats exist! How do I choose?

Base coats these days are made from a variety of purposes, to find your perfect one, you must well know your Nail health, reactions, and suitability. In case of brittle nails, you might want a thick base coat like the Active Bio Gel from El Corazon, which is in fact a tinted pink base coat, with the perfect amount of translucent pink in it.


The same is also suitable when it comes to yellow nails. Such base coats are useful when you also wish to wear nothing, but still something (you know what I mean!). The G.C. Peel off Base Coat is super suitable when you know you are going to be wearing something like chunky glitters (read more about how to remove glitter nails here).

There also are regular base coats which are transparent and thin, these are most recommended for short


What’s the right way to use a base coat?

Applying base coat nail clean is straightforward and simple! You should simply ensure your nails are perfect and dry prior to applying a layer of base coat.

Then continue to lay two layers of your Nail Polish after one coat of the base coat which should completely cover the nail edge to edge. You can likewise seal your Nail look with an additional layer of Top coat to protect and add a layer of oomph to your manicure. Searching for additional tips? Check out our blog on top coat and base coats!

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