How to get Henna Inspired Nails - I Love My Polish Blogs

How to get Henna Inspired Nails - I Love My Polish Blogs

We love a good henna design but on our nails! Henna is a staple festive look and we are taking it a step further by adorning it on the nails. So those who don’t like to spend hours applying henna on their hands can incorporate it into their look in this way instead.

Read on to see the various techniques we’ve used to get spectacular henna nails:

  1. Stamping



We love a good gold and black combination. A very festive look.  To achieve henna nails using stamping, you’ll need:

  1. Stamping kit
  2. Gold polish for the base


To know more about the right way to stamp your nails, check out our Stamping 101 Blog

 2. Freehand


Use high-quality nail art brushes and a dotting tool to get a Mehndi-like design on your nails. We love how glamourous the holographic pink polish looks with the design on it.


3. 3-D stickers

The quickest and most affordable way to get henna-inspired nails- using stickers or water decals.  To know more about how to apply water decals, check out our guide here:


Now that you’ve seen the various ways you can get henna-inspired nails, here are a few nail art ideas you can try:

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