ILMP is all about the extraordinary! We pride ourselves in bringing the best and most unique polishes from all around the world- (have you checked out the ILNP haul yet?).

With a huge collection of artisan polishes, there are some finishes that are just so exclusive that they deserve a special mention. So here goes:

1.Refelctive Glitter

Reflective polish is a revolutionary nail polish invented in 2021 first by Bow nail polish. It shows normal effect in natural light. When exposed to direct flashlight, halogen bulbs, sunlight or any lights, it flares up with bright lights, creating a stunning effect like crushed diamond! These jelly based nail polishes dry fast and become textured (but not too gritty) upon drying. Read more about reflective glitter polishes here

2.Thermal nail polish

As the name suggests, the polish changes colour as per the temperature. So it could be a different colour when you're out on a chilly morning and a completely different one when you're snuggled in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. Isn't that fun? Read more about Thermal nail polishes here .

3. Magnetic Nail polish

Magnetic polishes have glitter magnetic powder suspended in them that form a pattern when you bring a magnet near it. Read more about how to apply magnetic polishes here

They're easy to apply, and look incredible!

4. Glow in the Dark

Like any glow in the dark product, these polishes, well, they glow in the dark! They glow brightest when "charged" under a bright light and glow for about 30-45 minutes depending on the polish. They an always be charged again.

5. Holographic polish

These put glitter polishes to shame. A holographic nail polish has micro particles that scatter the light in such a way so as to get a rainbow like effect. These have been trending for quite a while on Instagram. We particularly love holographic polishes from brands like Penelope Luz, ILNP, Bow Polish etc . Read more about holographic polishes at ILMP here 

6. Chameleon polishes

Also called dual toned polishes, these change colour (from blue to purple in the image below ) when the light hits them at different angles. Check out our ultimate guide to Chameleon Nail Polishes

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